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Products of ZPD are one- and multi-layer intentional objects, existentially grounded in music scores and standard audio media. Our client gets a phonographical picture of a performed piece of music, stored on a compact disk.

Absolutely all ZPD products, musical compositions and recordings, complie with related assumptions of phenomenological aesthetics.

Each of our manufactured articles is a schematical entity, worked out in the way to get its full characteristic peculiarity only during the process of individual perception. Artistic properties consisting the core of a product, merged with construction elements, partially determine the final shape of an aesthetical object that appears in a listener’s consciousness. The ultimate completement of that shape is performed by listener’s imagination, activated by the core properties (given directly in perception). That is a tested and never-failing technical solution, based on a well described process of concretization (R.Ingarden, M.Merleau-Ponty, H.G.Gadamer). It utilizes even unconscious psychical processes and fails only in the case of heavy break-down of the listener’s central nervous system.

Thanks to the application of a substantiation process in the final product forming (what has been unheard-of in the industry till now), the object of listener’s contemplation is partially constructed by himself. Our client has always an opportunity to shape the product accordingly to his own preferences, to take it and to read it in many different ways. That is why each contact with a ready ZPD’s product is an individual and interactive aesthetical experience.

ZPD products exist timelessly. As pure intentional objects they do not undergo corrosion, degradation and are invulnerable to any chemical or physical agents. The only condition of their existence’s continuity is at least one ‘existential basis’ like: musical score, sound recording information – and the existence of correct interpretation (‘reconstruction’) methods of those kinds of information.

Prof. Ripplemark

prof. Ripplemark

filozof dźwięku, znawca i miłośnik muzyki, wielokrotnie nagradzany oklaskami, cmokaniem i szelestem. Jest autorytetem w dziedzinie udźwiękawiania animacji. Swój czas dzieli między pracę naukowa, polegającą na poszerzaniu obecnego stanu wiedzy w zakresie akustyki, a wyprawy w poszukiwaniu żadkich dźwięków, których ogromną kolekcją wzbogacił magazyny Zakładu. Szerzej znany jako propagator hasła słuchaj uchem a nie brzuchem, promującego aktywne delektowanie się dźwiękiem.
Jest autorem wielu ważkich dzieł i rewolucyjnych tez, lecz wrodzona skromność nie pozwala mu ujawniać własnych zasług.