Zakrocki Olak

Marcin Olak – guitars
Patryk Zakrocki – viola, violin

Olak. Zakrocki. Wielecki.
Spontaneous Chamber Music

It?s all about improvisation. Open, with no limits.

We come from different backgrounds. We played on the jazz festivals and with symphony orchestras – actually we composed for them. We wrote and performed music for movies and theatres. We gave masterclasses on improvisation. We played ancient and contemporary music. We were leader and session musicians. And now we play together, searching for new sounds. We mix chamber music with? well, with everything. We improvise.

In January, 2016 our first album, Spontaneous Chamber Music, vol.1, was released by SÅ‚uchaj Foundation, media support is provided by

Olak / Zakrocki / Wielecki

Zakrocki / Olak