The Age of the Grasses. Zakrocki/Majewski

Majweski zakrocki

Artur Majewski – cornet, delay
Patryk Zakrocki – viola, mbira, ring modulator

Trumpeter Artur Majewski (Mikrokolektyw, Robotobibok, Tone Hunting) and viola player Patryk Zakrocki (SzaZa, Spontaneous Chamber Music) emerge on their album as explorers of a unique, organic aural environment. The music collected on the record relies on the manipulation of sound and space. It seems to be breathing or to be a breath ? it just lasts like the swoosh of forest trees or the murmur of a stream that flows through the forest.

The instrumentalists strive to make their music as organic, intuitive, autonomous, vegetative, habitual, primary ? and almost primaeval ? as possible. Once there was no music ? there was only music-making. The world was simple and homogeneous, which is not pejorative, as ? when seen up-close ? the world is always dissimilar and diversified. Devoid of ego wars, maximally social, collective, democratic and ? as a result ? thriving. Rhythmical, not propelled by mechanical automatism, but driven by biology. Two people constitute the smallest society ? the duo is the smallest musical ecosystem. Millions of years ago the Earth was covered mostly with grass and everything was in perfect working order back then.

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