SzaZa czyli duet Szamburski / Zakrocki.

SzaZa’s (Paweł Szamburski / Patryk Zakrocki duo) music is a unique blending of seemingly opposite extremes ? of noise and silence, pop and contemporary chamber, beauty and ugliness, of sophisticated wisdom and pure, naive thoughtlessness. Using clarinets, violin, analogue loopstations,
subtle effects and interaction with the audience, the musicians seek to collapse those oppositions, attempting to free both the stage and the audience from the bonds of rules and cultural expectations.

Patryk Zakrocki and Paweł Szamburski are multi-instrumentalists, improvisers and promoters of culture who have been active on the Warsaw improvised music and independent art scene since 1999. Szamburski and Zakrocki create music for theatre, film, silent movies and contemporary dance. They
are members of the Warsaw-based independent music label Lado ABC and the Lado cultural association, whose activity over the last ten years has contributed a great deal to the dynamic development of new music in Poland.

Credit line: [Venue, eg. The Brooklyn Academy of Music/Cinefamily/SFFS etc] and the Polish Cultural Institute in New York in association with Unsound