Past Projects

Sound Cinema

Kino Dźwięku / Sound Cinema


The Sound Cinema is a place for the observation of sounds. It presents stories told without words, images formed by the movement of sound, audio postcards from remote corners of the globe, and imaginative constructs in time and space. Audiences will step out of the hubbub of the congress grounds straight into a unique space, where they will hear paramusical projects and archival radio shows.

Projections will be held in the historic sound engineering studio at the Wrocław Feature Film Studio. The morning program will feature radio dramas for children, while in the afternoon audiences will hear multi-channel pieces, field recordings from all over the world, masterpieces of musique concrete, radio dramas, electronic and electroacoustic compositions, both new and archival – ones that delimit the boundaries of music itself and ones that define its very essence.

The crew:

Patryk Zakrocki – spiritus movens of Sound Cienma (Kino Dźwięku).
Dawid Bargenda – executive, communication, logistic, other
Michał Anuszewski – sound engineer
Liliana Chromińska, Piotr Czerny – team

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