Past Projects

Normal Bias


NB is a team: Patryk Zakrocki and Radek Duda – audio, Piotr Szamburski – video

The Normal Bias has begun its time of infancy by four films, thematically related to its original name: Black Taxi. The films showed a story of a black taxi that drove off with friend’s clarinets during one night. Particular elements of that series are connected with one, hidden word.

The next project of the group is, caused by child-like curiosity, a desire to explore nature as a realm of sound. ‘Nature Study’ is a series of experiments with live processing of sounds of nature and an use of the landscape as an opportunity for an acoustic wave deformation. This will be a period of gathering knowledge and material.

Normal Bias, enriched by gains of fruitful childhood, will finally mature into performing of electronic and electroacoustic music classic pieces. The rendition of four Variations by John Cage will mark the beginning of the stage. It will be another series, realised in parallel, called ‘Envelope Bastards’.