The Age of the Grasses. Zakrocki/Majewski

Majweski zakrocki

Artur Majewski – cornet, delay
Patryk Zakrocki – viola, mbira, ring modulator

Trumpeter Artur Majewski (Mikrokolektyw, Robotobibok, Tone Hunting) and viola player Patryk Zakrocki (SzaZa, Spontaneous Chamber Music) emerge on their album as explorers of a unique, organic aural environment. The music collected on the record relies on the manipulation of sound and space. It seems to be breathing or to be a breath ? it just lasts like the swoosh of forest trees or the murmur of a stream that flows through the forest.

The instrumentalists strive to make their music as organic, intuitive, autonomous, vegetative, habitual, primary ? and almost primaeval ? as possible. Once there was no music ? there was only music-making. The world was simple and homogeneous, which is not pejorative, as ? when seen up-close ? the world is always dissimilar and diversified. Devoid of ego wars, maximally social, collective, democratic and ? as a result ? thriving. Rhythmical, not propelled by mechanical automatism, but driven by biology. Two people constitute the smallest society ? the duo is the smallest musical ecosystem. Millions of years ago the Earth was covered mostly with grass and everything was in perfect working order back then.

The Age of the Grasses bandcamp


Spontaneus composer/conductor


Using a palette of gestures, Conductor/Composer spontaneusly builds live piece with the improvised responses of an ensemble of Perfomers/Improvisers.

Krakow Improvisers Orchestra and Patryk zakrocki


orkiestra AGD Poznań

Warszawa Improvisers Orchestra WIO Live at CSW Laboratorium 14_03_2015 Piece 01 – Patryk Zakrocki Conductor


Zakrocki Olak

Marcin Olak – guitars
Patryk Zakrocki – viola, violin

Olak. Zakrocki. Wielecki.
Spontaneous Chamber Music

It?s all about improvisation. Open, with no limits.

We come from different backgrounds. We played on the jazz festivals and with symphony orchestras – actually we composed for them. We wrote and performed music for movies and theatres. We gave masterclasses on improvisation. We played ancient and contemporary music. We were leader and session musicians. And now we play together, searching for new sounds. We mix chamber music with? well, with everything. We improvise.

In January, 2016 our first album, Spontaneous Chamber Music, vol.1, was released by Słuchaj Foundation, media support is provided by

Olak / Zakrocki / Wielecki

Zakrocki / Olak


The Inner Ear Massage Parlour



The Inner Ear Massage Parlour is a charlatan’s project, mixing truth with fiction, the absurd and grotesque but treating things in a professional and serious manner. With reference to traditional shamans and the barber surgeons of medieval Europe we can find the very deep connections between medicine and music – healing through listening (sound). Our work is different from that of the conventional approach of music therapists, but we remain open to the inspiration and knowledge that comes from this trade. As charlatans we are absolved and free from convention, but as good-hearted people we have the best intentions towards what we do. In accordance with the science and wisdom of professor Ripplemark we play and heal, equally others as ourselves.


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SzaZa czyli duet Szamburski / Zakrocki.

SzaZa’s (Paweł Szamburski / Patryk Zakrocki duo) music is a unique blending of seemingly opposite extremes ? of noise and silence, pop and contemporary chamber, beauty and ugliness, of sophisticated wisdom and pure, naive thoughtlessness. Using clarinets, violin, analogue loopstations,
subtle effects and interaction with the audience, the musicians seek to collapse those oppositions, attempting to free both the stage and the audience from the bonds of rules and cultural expectations.

Patryk Zakrocki and Paweł Szamburski are multi-instrumentalists, improvisers and promoters of culture who have been active on the Warsaw improvised music and independent art scene since 1999. Szamburski and Zakrocki create music for theatre, film, silent movies and contemporary dance. They
are members of the Warsaw-based independent music label Lado ABC and the Lado cultural association, whose activity over the last ten years has contributed a great deal to the dynamic development of new music in Poland.

Credit line: [Venue, eg. The Brooklyn Academy of Music/Cinefamily/SFFS etc] and the Polish Cultural Institute in New York in association with Unsound