Past Projects


Pawel Szamburski – clarinet
Kostek Usenko -cello
Patryk Zakrocki – violin

Galimadjaz Trio @ ISKRY

Past Projects


Macio Moretti – drums,
Piotr Kaliński – percussion,
Patryk Zakrocki – tuned pots

Past Projects


Kamil Antosiewicz – elektronica, prepared drum machine, field rec.
Marcel Marcin Kuśmierczyk – elektronica, sampler
Vion – elektronica, field rec., sampler
Patryk Zakrocki – prepared tascam multitrack hd recorder, prepared guitar, objects, electronica.



Ea (CD, Album)
Cpt. Sparky Publications

R (CD, Album, Car)

Öl (CDr, Album, Ltd, Num)
Mystery Sea

Singles & EPs

11’00 (7″, Ltd, Cle)
Drone Records


[~.] (CDr)
Open Circuit

Sounds by EA: A hair dryer in a carton box, a beer bottle on a marble floor, clerks in a bank inputting withdrawal transactions, automatic doors leading to a shopping center garage, a central heating system, a doenner vendor, machines at a dry cleaner’s, putting on pajamas, sunflower seeds, a bathroom drawer for cosmetics, a gear box, rain in a forest, a wild cat under a table, water sounds at a swimming pool, moaning of an elevator, dragging a Christmas tree upstairs, a coffee automate at an MTV office, damaged fridge at midnight, jumping on a bed in a parents’ bedroom, a toilet flush in the changing room of a fitness center, ice tea sipping, talking to a grandmother sounding different on the phone, sweeping a floor while playing with a dog, searching for a torch in a basement, flags in the wind in an abandoned district, breaking wooden sticks, feeding pigeons in an old town, steps in a hospital corridor, a mini waterfall in a garden, rather unrecognizable playground soundscapes, scissors on paper 20 minutes after the start of the new year 2002, throwing books through a window, aluminum cans being squeezed, boiling tomato soup on a Friday, checking in at the Warsaw airport, plastic bags full of nails, old family Hi-8 cassettes, a heartbeat, a crowded square, an air conditioner, chalk on the blackboard, a microwave oven turning on, shoe polishing, touching anything, a plastic bag in the wind, underground, some insects caught in a glass bottle, swallowing, a glow lamp, a paper ball falling from a table, a sustained tone of a trolley passing by, a hard disk and a floppy disk, a dial tone, footsteps on a slippery wet floor, a mechanical clock, water dripping, hair, a pencil, a ventilator, grass, a resonating electrical hum coming from the flat above, a zipper, boiling oil, calmness, undressing, hammering, a cat licking its fur, a summer breeze at the sea, scraping a wineglass against a window, an infected nostril breathing, a fire stake, sand dunes, haikus being uttered, paper towels in the toilet, tram brakes in a tunnel, continuous folding and unfolding of a celluloid plate, an empty office, horses running in the distance, ants in a frenzy, stirring some liquid in a mug, biting one?s nails, birds nesting, cleaning the mirror in a bathroom, metal on metal, workers? shouts from behind a window, playing under the shower, making faces, touching jack plugs with wet fingers, coughing, lighting a cigarette, playing roulette, putting on a backpack, sorting a bunch of visit cards, air coming through a narrow gap under a door, licking a contact mike, burping, an analogue radio scale, giving birth, crickets, a traffic jam, barbed wire on wood, squeezing a plastic ketchup bottle, ice on the lake “singing” during heavy winter, a ship coming back to port, the Romanian language, a harmonica out of tune, a child in the cradle gurgling, some open space, Rubik?s cube, riding a bike, a vacuum cleaner, freezing water, tubular-shaped objects, dungeons, electromagnetic induction, tearing something apart, frying pork, a CD spinning in a CD player, spraying deodorant, fish in an aquarium, meat, a ball pen, scratching, a quarrel, old women in church in Legnica speaking about their health problems, matches, night.

EA consists of Membrana (Kamil Antosiewicz), Viön (Artur Jaworski) and Patryk Zakrocki.

Membrana (Mem) is Kamil Antosiewicz, a connection-maker and writer/editor who works for WWW, the first Polish Internet magazine, as its cyberculture editor. Antosiewicz released the 3-inch CD Obiekt 640 (with Facial Index on Polycephal) and then Tektonika (with Viön and Facial Index), which links sonic trophies from his Moroccan travels with droning elements. His recent interests include the decontextualization of sound material and experiments with primal structures of non-organic origin—white noise and sine waves—transforming them into sounds of an organic nature.

Patryk Zakrocki releases his work under the name of Meoma. His current interests are concentrated in acoustic music and composition. Believing a score to be equally as important as free expression, he experiments during live sessions and studio works with various techniques as a guitar and violin player. His recent works include performances with a punk-rock string quartet and free-jazz jams with various musicians. He organizes regular improvisation sessions at Warsaw’s club Jazzgot, where he plays with invited guests.

Viön (a.k.a. Artur Jaworski) is concerned with the inexplicable magic behind sound and explores the relationship between physical phenomena and human perception. He pays attention not only to the final piece, but to the listening experience itself. A major part of his work is aimed at total sound immersion in a location. He says that it is impossible to create this kind of music—it is only possible to notice and discover it. He experiments with space as a processor of sound, often re-recording sounds in different spaces, revealing the unexpected. VIÖN released his debut album flashbacks on Cpt. Sparky in 1999. Later, as an EA member, he appeared on [~.], r, 11.00 and also on compilation releases. With Membrana (Mem) and Jacek Staniszewski he is part of the trio Viön/Membrana/Facial Index, which released the debut CD Tektonika on Polycephal in 2001. Most of his new sounds appear on his web site . Currently Viön is finishing the recording of his 3D album, which will be available as a DVD-Audio.

Past Projects



Norbert Kubacz- doublebass
Patryk Zakrocki – violin
Paweł Szamburski – clarinet

Tupika 1999 -2005?



“Recording session at rudera” (CD-R, 2002)
“Broń rasowego marzenia” (Lado ABC, 2006)


Past Projects



1997-1999 IDM Drum n Bass Ambient project from Warsaw
Tomasz Sikora – drum programing, sampler, electronica.
Patryk Zakrocki – mbira, violin, sampler, synth, drum programing, percussion

CD album Cpt. Sparky Publications Spark 001 1998

Past Projects

Kava Kava

Kuba Bałdyga – dr,
Marcin Wężowski – voc, bass,
Jacek Wesołowski – rythm gt,
Patryk Zakrocki – solo gt


Past Projects

Fucking Flowers

Adam Skorupski Skorup – voc,
Szymon Bielewski Bielak – dr,
Tomasz Bandyra Tomecki – bass,
Tomasz Kosiorek – rythm gt,
Patryk Zakrocki – solo gt


Past Projects

Sound Cinema

Kino Dźwięku / Sound Cinema


The Sound Cinema is a place for the observation of sounds. It presents stories told without words, images formed by the movement of sound, audio postcards from remote corners of the globe, and imaginative constructs in time and space. Audiences will step out of the hubbub of the congress grounds straight into a unique space, where they will hear paramusical projects and archival radio shows.

Projections will be held in the historic sound engineering studio at the Wrocław Feature Film Studio. The morning program will feature radio dramas for children, while in the afternoon audiences will hear multi-channel pieces, field recordings from all over the world, masterpieces of musique concrete, radio dramas, electronic and electroacoustic compositions, both new and archival – ones that delimit the boundaries of music itself and ones that define its very essence.

The crew:

Patryk Zakrocki – spiritus movens of Sound Cienma (Kino Dźwięku).
Dawid Bargenda – executive, communication, logistic, other
Michał Anuszewski – sound engineer
Liliana Chromińska, Piotr Czerny – team

kino ludzie


Past Projects




Products of ZPD are one- and multi-layer intentional objects, existentially grounded in music scores and standard audio media. Our client gets a phonographical picture of a performed piece of music, stored on a compact disk.

Absolutely all ZPD products, musical compositions and recordings, complie with related assumptions of phenomenological aesthetics.

Each of our manufactured articles is a schematical entity, worked out in the way to get its full characteristic peculiarity only during the process of individual perception. Artistic properties consisting the core of a product, merged with construction elements, partially determine the final shape of an aesthetical object that appears in a listener’s consciousness. The ultimate completement of that shape is performed by listener’s imagination, activated by the core properties (given directly in perception). That is a tested and never-failing technical solution, based on a well described process of concretization (R.Ingarden, M.Merleau-Ponty, H.G.Gadamer). It utilizes even unconscious psychical processes and fails only in the case of heavy break-down of the listener’s central nervous system.

Thanks to the application of a substantiation process in the final product forming (what has been unheard-of in the industry till now), the object of listener’s contemplation is partially constructed by himself. Our client has always an opportunity to shape the product accordingly to his own preferences, to take it and to read it in many different ways. That is why each contact with a ready ZPD’s product is an individual and interactive aesthetical experience.

ZPD products exist timelessly. As pure intentional objects they do not undergo corrosion, degradation and are invulnerable to any chemical or physical agents. The only condition of their existence’s continuity is at least one ‘existential basis’ like: musical score, sound recording information – and the existence of correct interpretation (‘reconstruction’) methods of those kinds of information.

Prof. Ripplemark

prof. Ripplemark

filozof dźwięku, znawca i miłośnik muzyki, wielokrotnie nagradzany oklaskami, cmokaniem i szelestem. Jest autorytetem w dziedzinie udźwiękawiania animacji. Swój czas dzieli między pracę naukowa, polegającą na poszerzaniu obecnego stanu wiedzy w zakresie akustyki, a wyprawy w poszukiwaniu żadkich dźwięków, których ogromną kolekcją wzbogacił magazyny Zakładu. Szerzej znany jako propagator hasła słuchaj uchem a nie brzuchem, promującego aktywne delektowanie się dźwiękiem.
Jest autorem wielu ważkich dzieł i rewolucyjnych tez, lecz wrodzona skromność nie pozwala mu ujawniać własnych zasług.



Past Projects

Normal Bias


NB is a team: Patryk Zakrocki and Radek Duda – audio, Piotr Szamburski – video

The Normal Bias has begun its time of infancy by four films, thematically related to its original name: Black Taxi. The films showed a story of a black taxi that drove off with friend’s clarinets during one night. Particular elements of that series are connected with one, hidden word.

The next project of the group is, caused by child-like curiosity, a desire to explore nature as a realm of sound. ‘Nature Study’ is a series of experiments with live processing of sounds of nature and an use of the landscape as an opportunity for an acoustic wave deformation. This will be a period of gathering knowledge and material.

Normal Bias, enriched by gains of fruitful childhood, will finally mature into performing of electronic and electroacoustic music classic pieces. The rendition of four Variations by John Cage will mark the beginning of the stage. It will be another series, realised in parallel, called ‘Envelope Bastards’.